Real Ayurvedic Thai and ceramic oils (original oils from sesame oil or coconut oil) are made from unrefined sesame oil or coconut fat. For this purpose, a decoction is first made from fresh medicinal herbs and medicinally active substances. In a long process, this decoction is boiled with the oil until the water has evaporated and the active ingredients have been brought into the oil. Milk is also used for some oils. So that the oil does not burn, it must be constantly stirred and the heat monitored. This process takes up to 72 hours. The oils then generally have the color, the smell and the taste of the herbs or medicines used. For some noses this takes some getting used to.

Cooking changes the molecular structure of the oil so that it can now be optimally absorbed by the skin. The warm oil during the massage is not only very pleasant, but also promotes optimal absorption of the traditionally medicated oil through the skin. Cold-pressed oil is recommended for food, but we need other qualities for the massage treatment. Sesame oil is a very valuable vegetable oil that, due to its ingredients, affects the aging process
Skin slows down. Regular massages with ripened sesame oil naturally strengthen and counteract the natural aging process. In addition, sesame oil is the most resistant oil to oxidation (and therefore very long-lasting), which makes the complex production of these oils worthwhile. Modern science confirms the possibility that the antioxidants contained in the oil can prevent or slow down pathological processes.

Most of the recipes for the production of medicinal oils come from the original Ayurveda script and are over 3000 years old. The production of the oils is a family tradition in India. The knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. There is no modern manufacturer that can draw on a similarly long experience in the manufacture of its products.

You can buy high-quality oils in a wide variety of fragrances at our institute.

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